Frisco Painting Contractors: Useful Interior Painting Tips

Painting is one of the most inexpensive ways to revamp the overall look of your home. Aside from it being cheap, it is also quick and easy. Before you head out to the nearest home improvement store and buy a tub of paint and a roller or a brush, consider these very useful tips on […]

How to Keep Your Painted Walls Fresh

Everyone loves the luster and the look of a newly-painted wall. Keeping your walls looking freshly-painted can be easily achieved by following easy steps. Our top Frisco painting contractors share their best practices on how to maintain your painted wall’s beauty for several years. Don’t let dust accumulate on your walls. If you have dust […]

Lead-Based Paint Removal Cost

The restriction of Lead-based paint is in place, dating back to 1978. It has always been a source of lead poisoning affecting the children and can have consequences on the adults too. The website indicates that in the US, 80% of the homes built before 1978 and an approximated figure of 64 million houses […]

The Proper Way to Deal with Lead in Paint

Numerous homes in New York and Ohio have walls painted with lead components, probably because they date back to the early 1970s. Lead-based paints are currently not in use as they are against United States Product Safety Commission. Most of all, principal components are dangerous and harmful to human beings. Extra care is essential especially […]

How Not to Fall for Painting Contractor Scam

There are many ways of how you can tell if a paint contractor is trying to scam you for an unreasonable price, poorly done paint job and shortcuts. You may want to pay careful attention to their quotation, paints bought, and contracts. Here’s a list of what you need to watch out for when you […]

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