How to Keep Your Painted Walls Fresh

Everyone loves the luster and the look of a newly-painted wall. Keeping your walls looking freshly-painted can be easily achieved by following easy steps. Our top Frisco painting contractors share their best practices on how to maintain your painted wall’s beauty for several years. Don’t let dust accumulate on your walls. If you have dust […]

Five Easy Steps to Painting Your Room

Repainting the home is a simple task that anybody can undertake during his or her free time. However, if you do not do this in the correct manner, there is a high possibility that you will damage everything. By following the proper procedures and putting everything into consideration at the appropriate time, you will achieve […]

Five Common Exterior Paint Problems: How to Fix It

Every household experiences nearly the same problem when it comes to exterior paints. Be sure that you attend to these issues appropriately and accordingly, to retain the beauty and life expectancy of the exterior paint. Some of the common problems associated with external color are: 1. Blistering Usually resembles bubbles and arises because of the […]

Faux Finishes Painting Ideas

Faux painting is a complicated business. The main idea of ‘faux’ is to fake a real thing. While many people consider that forged things are inferior to real things but, even faux painting can create a beautiful finish. In home decoration, faux painting can make the house look adorable. Faux painting is used to describe […]

Clean Up and Storage Tips After a Paint Job

Your freshly painted walls look fantastic! But just when you thought you can start relaxing; actually, you’re not done yet. Read on to know how to clean up after your paint job so that your painting supplies will be all prepared for your next painting task. Rollers and Brushes Latex Paint – Always clean your […]

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