Everything You Need to Know About House Painting in Lawrence

It has always been a given that the best way to add color to a home is through house painting in Lawrence. With a splash of color here, and a dash of another color there, this combination of colors can either make or break the image that you want for your home. Even for when a Lawrence commercial painter decorates an establishment, the look and feel is crucial to getting more customers into the business.

In this article, we’ll summarize everything there is to know about house painting in Lawrence. Why do you need to paint your home? If you already had it painted, is there any reason to have it repainted again? What kind of paint should I buy? What materials should a Lawrence house painter buy? What does it mean to DIY paint? What problems might arise in DIY painting? Is it better to entrust the job instead to a professional Lawrence painting company? If so, how can I choose the best Lawrence painting contractor for the job? These questions will be answered by the best Lawrence painting service, The Painting Pro Guys.

Why paint?

Lawrence house painterFrom the outset, we know that color is crucial in expressing your artistic sense on your home. It is a rare chance to get a structure personally designed, and it is a great responsibility to do so. So other than this, what benefit does painting provide to a structure?

First of all, paint protects your walls. Your exterior walls are constantly exposed to the many elements, such as wind, rain, snow, and heat. All of these can deteriorate the quality of your walls, and in some rare cases, cause damage to it such as cracking. In addition, unpainted walls promote the growth of molds and algae, making it unsightly. Interior walls, on the other hand, are exposed to humidity. These can gather in tiny cracks in unpainted walls, making the inner rooms uncomfortable to stay in.

Second, in addition to the first reason, painting your walls improves your health. Painted surfaces with quality paints and finishes reduce odors and fumes. This makes it comfortable to stay in, especially in bedrooms. Also, unpainted surfaces allow dust to gather on it, making it dangerous for people who have breathing problems like asthma. Thus Lawrence residential painting promotes healthy indoor air quality for you and for your family.

Third, Lawrence house painting is a way to increase a house’s value. Obviously, an unpainted house will have little to no resale value, and a shabby looking house won’t catch the attention of buyers. It is shown by studies that painting can increase a house’s resale value by up to 10%. It’s a fairly inexpensive way to bring out a new look, and it refreshes the entire look and feel of the house too! Even the smallest change in your house’s color can catch the eyes of your neighbors, so one should be wary too of the new color they might try next for their house.

Now that you know the importance of painting, let’s now consider the different types of paint any homeowner can use for their painting project:

Kinds of Paint

Oil-based Paints

As the name suggests, oil-based paints are based made from alkyd (synthetic) or linseed (natural) oils. This type of paint is more durable than its counterpart, water-based paints. However, since it is oil-based, these take longer to dry and the cleanup part requires more effort. You will have to use turpentine or a paint thinner to remove it.

Oil-based paint has a very good finish and generally has a higher sheen level than water-based paint. But even though its output usually looks better than water-based paint, oil-based paint is very susceptible to cracking and yellowing. Synthetic alkyd paint is more common since it is less expensive and tougher. Oil-based paint is very good for trim work because trimming takes a lot of time to do.

Water-based Paints

Lawrence house painterThe best thing about water-based paints is that this type dries very quickly, allowing the painter in Lawrence more time to work on the actual painting job. This is because water-based paints, as the name suggests again, is based on water. Unlike oil-based paints, when adding color to a surface, water-based paints tolerate moisture on the surface, allowing it to stick without really having to dry the surface. This type of paint is good for a Lawrence residential painter who just wants a quick way to add color to his/her house.

There have been many improvements to water-based paint lately, giving it a more defined advantage over oil-based paint. One of which is durability. Oil-based paints are generally known to provide better resistance to wear and tear, however, water-based paints are more flexible. Water-based paints are less susceptible to cracking and are more environment-friendly, compared to oil-based paints which release strong, overwhelming fumes.

To summarize, oil-based paints have greater durability and sheen level, but dries slowly; while water-based paints are more flexible, easy to apply, and dries quickly.

So you’ve done your research and you’re pretty confident about doing the painting job all by yourself. However, the question remains, does DIY painting really give you the best results?

DIY Painting vs Professional Painting – What’s the Difference?

Time, money, effort, and quality. These 4 things are what many a Lawrence commercial painting contractor is keeping in mind when taking on a painting project. Let’s compare DIY painting and professional painting in terms of these things.


It is no doubt that a painting project can take up many days, even weeks to complete. Even when working on a single room can take up a lot of time and can cause inconvenience to the homeowners themselves. Plus, a DIY Lawrence painting amateur should realize that even the amount of time they have already spent while searching for DIY painting how-to’s and what if’s are already part of the painting project. Of course, this might not be the case for an already experienced DIY Lawrence painter. But if you really sum it all up, what do you get? A huge waste of time. It would be best to just hire a residential painter in Lawrence even before thinking about what to do in the project as a painting contractor in Lawrence will have the skill and expertise to help you with your painting decisions.


What is the main difference in cost between DIY painting and professional painting? It’s the labor expenses. The choice is simple, either let them do it or do it yourself, right?

One thing many inexperienced DIY painters fail to realize is that they still have to buy the painting equipment needed for the paint job. Brushes, rollers, paint pads, tapes, primers, paint; the list goes on. Surely, it wouldn’t be cost-efficient to buy all of these for just a one-time DIY paint job. A painting company in Lawrence will have invested in these materials and tools because their livelihood IS painting. So it is important to remember that you’re not only paying for labor expenses but also for the equipment and tools a painting service in Lawrence are using.


In the first place, homeowners even planning on taking on a DIY painting project have rarely any free time to do the paint job. Painting projects can really take up a person’s energy, even if it’s just a small-scale project. Especially for huge painting projects that can take up weeks, it is better to just leave it to the pros.


Of course, a painting professional’s quality output is nowhere near an amateur’s DIY paint job. Three hours of surfing the internet and maybe a few saved pages can never make up for years and years’ worth of professional contractor experience. Sure, you can paint together with your family as a fun pastime, but you will have to deal with that paint job for a long time.

Therefore, to save time, money, and effort without sacrificing quality, it is best to leave it to the pros. In choosing a professional Lawrence residential painting contractor, you might be confused who to rely on because of the sheer number of choices you have.
Hire Only the Best for Your Painting Project!

If you have a painting contractor in mind you want to hire, check out their online reputation. Many good painting businesses have gone online to advertise their company and usually, these are a better pick. It’s mainly because you have the chance to view previous homeowner’s comments and experiences about that company so with this you have an idea of what to expect when you hire them.
So while you’re at it, why not check out The Painting Pro Guys. With years and years’ of experience behind us, we guarantee you the best paint job ever! So call us at to employ the service of the best house painting in Lawrence contractors you can trust!

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