Here's How You Can Join The Painting Pro Guys

1. Call us at (972) 360-9237 today to discuss with us about the License Agreement.

2. CLICK HERE to Call (972) 360-9237 on your mobile device right now!

3. To download the License Agreement, follow these steps:

  • a. Right+Click on THIS LINK and select 'Save link as...' to save the PDF file in your computer.
  • b. After saving, locate the file. Right click on the file and select “Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader”.
    • i. If you do not have this free PDF software yet, CLICK HERE to download it now.
  • c. Fill up the blank parts on the first page. These are highlighted in BLUE.
  • d. Carefully read the agreement. If everything is in order, save the file by clicking on the ‘floppy disk’ icon below the top left-hand side of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    • i. Or you can just hold the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard and press “S” to save. [Ctrl + S]
  • e. To send it to back to us, follow these steps:
    • i. Click the “Choose File” button below.
    • ii. In the “Open” window, look for the .PDF file you just filled-in and double-click on it.
    • iii. Click Send
    • [Choose File]
    • [Send]
  • f. You’re good to go!
Painting Pro Guys
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