Power Washing

The Painting Pro Guys have the expertise and ability to change many surfaces by cleaning and restoring them back to their original state. Using the appropriate chemicals and equipment, we can quickly eliminate all the mildew and mold while retaining your home’s beauty. In many cases, it can save you a lot of money associated with the replacement or payment of expensive repairs.

The Painting Pro Guys utilize the right chemicals and amount of pressure to clean and restore your property safely. Our power washing specialists are well equipped to handle any residential tasks. We also possess a water tank with fresh water on board for areas with restricted or no access to water.

Our experts have the experience in cleaning all types of surfaces in homes. We boast of the ability to handle all kinds of projects to do with pressure washing, which ranges from simple residential driveways to a 100,000 square foot parking garage in apartment complexes.


How to Choose a Professional Pressure Washer?

When in search of a pressure washing contractor to assist with washing your property, take note that not all contractors dealing with pressure washing are the same. Therefore, the price should not be the first element to consider when choosing a contractor. After all, your property has the potential to be a great investment for you, so you want to keep it in the best condition possible.

Questions that you need to ask yourself are:

  • Does your company have proper insurance?
  • What exact cleaning methods do you put in place?
  • What type of detergents will you be using?
  • Do you have any reference lists?
  • What guarantees is there for the work done?


By choosing us, you decide to skip the guesswork step and have confidence that you are selecting a professional pressure washing contractor to perform your deep cleaning task. Highlighted below are some of the aspects that make us the best pressure washer of choice and entirely different when compared to competitors in the industry:

  • Fully licensed
  • Fully insured
  • EPA and local regulatory compliant
  • Reputable pressure washing equipment with the capability of delivering variable heat and pressure washing services.


Our Promise:

  • Outstanding customer service. Without our clients, we would not be in existence.  We will undertake everything possible to make your experience with us pleasant and smooth.  There is no greater satisfaction than in arriving at a client’s address and greeting them by the first name, something so far established with years of experience and repeat business.
  • Our pledge. We’ll make it right if it is not right!
  • No element of surprises on our work.  We will ask you for your project expectations BEFORE submitting our proposal and we’ll explain whether they are realistic based on the condition and nature of the surface you need to be cleaned.  If we do not, by any chance, meet your expectations for one reason or the other, we will explain these reasons to you.  There will not be unexpected surprises.
  • Timely and readily available service. We do everything possible within our reach to show up on time, as scheduled and ready to go upon arrival.  If we know you anticipate our visit at a particular time, and we happen to delay for some reason, we will ensure to call and inform you immediately. 


Our Services Include:


One most common item we pressure wash for residents is the driveway or pathway.  We help homeowners in maintaining the cleanliness of their path surface ensuring it stays mold free.  We utilize surface cleaners in pressure washing concrete to make sure it is evenly clean.  Call us today to discuss the needs for pressure washing your driveway.



Pool decks attract debris, dirt, and other surface contaminants. For this reason, a routine cleaning is a necessity.  We have the power to clean pool decks regardless of the type of surface you have.  Call us today and renew your pool deck.



Cast stone is one of the many surfaces we clean for homeowners on a regular basis.  The huge pores and bright colors show mold, dirt and debris.  As you wash cast stone, you need to have the perfect blend of chemicals and pressure to avoid any damages.  We specifically use a low pressure, high water volume technique when dealing with cast stone.  Give us a call to discuss any pressure washing needs you may have.



Our traditional residential washing service includes but is not limited to porches and sidewalks.  Homeowners usually call us to wash the rear patio, front porch, and sidewalks.  If you have unclean surfaces needing professional cleaning, give us a call.




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