Best Paint Colors in Austin TX That Make a Small Room Appear Larger

Have a small room in your home that you want to enlarge? Here’s a list of the best paint colors in Austin TX that can help make your room seem bigger! Even the best house painter in Austin has have to consider a lot of factors when it comes to painting houses. For example, when […]


Exterior Painting Tips in Austin TX: Why You Should Prepare Your Surfaces

Is surface preparation really all that important? In addition to our other exterior painting tips in Austin TX, we will discuss in this article why preparing your surfaces should be your main focus in a painting project. When painting exterior surfaces, even the professionals have to consider more than what just meets the eye. Behind […]


Expert Tips in Choosing the Best Ceiling Colors in Austin TX

Choosing the right and best ceiling colors in Austin TX for your property can be quite challenging. That’s why we sat down with the painting experts to learn more about how to pick colors and how to mix and match them for the best results! When done properly, painted ceilings do more than just complete […]

Additional Tips: Milk Paint

Milk Paint for your house makeover? Why not! I’m sure a lot of you will ask why we are blogging about milk paint when it seems a somewhat unusual type of paint to use on houses or commercial establishments.  Well, this blog post is more of a milk paint FAQ’s, with tips on how and […]

Wallpaper Removal

The Painting Pro Guys are residential wallpaper removal specialists. Our professional wallpaper removal services are highly recommended for homeowners who want to dispose of their existing wallpaper quickly. If you can no longer bear looking at the old, faded wallpaper in your home, it is definitely important for you to get the services of local […]

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